Prices and procedures for life coaching by Karen Marie

You can contact me any time with questions, just fill out the form on the contact page.

How this usually goes is we go over the pre coaching questionnaire in the first session which is free, in order to figure out exactly what you need.  Some people need as little as a month of coaching with a few follow ups to make sure they stay on track.  Other people need 3-6 months of coaching because of the complexity of the problem or personal reasons.

I then have a coaching packet I email to you, and we get things started.  We will usually have several short 15-30 minute skype or phone sessions per month but longer sessions are always an option, and we figure this out on a case by case basis.  There is unlimited email which is answered every day except Sunday.

Some areas I have had success in coaching to date are: Staying no contact after abuse, leaving abuse, understanding abuse, understanding bizarre behavior, Recovery from loss of child (or any loss), Dealing with premature baby in hospital, HR job related issues, Anxiety (over just about anything), Addiction problems (understanding why you are addicted), Getting healthier, Depression (mild), Assertiveness, Hoarding, getting over shopping therapy, letting go of control to be happier.

These are just the areas I have already had successful experience with. I may be able to help you even if your problem is not on this list.  My first consultation session is free so you have nothing to lose in finding out, and perhaps much to gain such as a happier existence on this beautiful planet!

My prices are $160.00 per month.  Paying for three months together will be $360.00, a 25% savings and $627.00 for 6 months, a 30% savings.  I have a Pay Pal button on my site for payments.

Karen Marie Online Life Coaching came to life because of the circumstances of my life.  I have always been a caring and giving person.  I have also been exploited because of that by people who thought they could take advantage.  They did end up taking advantage but I was never as naïve as they thought me to be.  I was once a victim but am now a survivor.  I have lived lots, learned much and now have much to share.  My main goal at this time is to help people find the happiness that is everyone’s right but sometimes just out of reach because of the circumstances of their lives.  I am a partner, I am a guide.  I am not here to judge but only to help!  I am a certified life coach with two Bachelor’s degrees and working on my third.  After that I will pursue a masters in something or another haha.

Live well, laugh much and love as often as you can!

Karen Marie


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