Donald Trump

There is no showing Donald what he is, but maybe you will listen to me.  At the debate on Sunday Donald  was asked how he explains the tape where he brags about (to make it G rated) fondling women.  Anderson Cooper calls it what it is, sexual assault.  Donald apologizes profusely as he should, but he ought to have left it there.  He cannot do that because he thinks he is doing damage control somehow  by then  minimalizing it, and calling it just locker room talk, everyone does it  he seems to imply. Not only once but three times he says but it’s “just locker room talk”. “ You have to understand the times” he says, they are bad.  What does that have to do with the assaulting, demeaning and overpowering of women Donald?  He wants you to think that with all this bad stuff going on in the world, his joking about sexual assault of women is just so minimal that it is almost as if it is nothing. 

This very idea is at the core of the rape culture that we are living in today.  Donald has done our country a tremendous disservice by being the republican candidate for the presidency of the United States and haphazardly condoning the way we as a society think about rape and sexual assault. I would hazard to say that unless we all take a stand against it, he has set our country back to the 1970’s where if you were married, it was impossible to rape your wife or domestic partner.  When sexual assault within the confines of marriage was ignored, trivialized, normalized or joked about, as our republican candidate for president has done today. 

That there hasn’t been more of a public outcry only serves to prove my point, we as a nation,  both men and women have come to expect these sorts of things. As  he implies with his minimilization, everyone does it is part of our current rape culture. Yes, there is uproar when in the news you hear of a brutal sexual assault, but did you know that only 3%  of rapist ever serve time in jail?

I will leave you with one parting thought. What if it were George Washington or Abraham Lincoln saying these things?


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