Oh my, this is the official beginning to my blog!  Very scary business.  What if I get it wrong and no one likes what I write?  What if it’s not good enough?  Now is when I say bullocks, I know this will be a hit. I have been getting ready for it for years now, and it is time and it will be great!

I just turned my negative self-talk into positive self-talk.  If I can do it anyone can, and I am here to help you! 

I have been through so much in my life, I can genuinely empathize with so many things.  I have always wanted to help people, and now I believe I have that capacity.  I am a certified life coach, I hold bachelor’s degrees in management, HR, and studio art and am one semester away from a BS in Psychology.  It was a long journey to get where I am today, I could have used the help of a life coach so long ago when I was in an abusive marriage, isolated and brainwashed into believing that was all I would ever be.  I knew there was so much more out there, or at least I thought there was, but I was afraid to reach out, my negative self-talk held me back big time.  It there had been on line life coaches back then, I am sure my suffering would have been greatly reduced. I have talked to many people in my journey who say the same thing, if help were more accessible, more convenient, less time consuming and less expensive than therapy, they could have been happier sooner, and enjoyed more years of quality life.  With life coaching, the stigma of “going to Therapy” is washed away, you are simply taking care of your needs.

Because I have been a young girl in an abusive marriage and I know the situation has not gotten any better in the decades since my abuse began, most of my blog posts will be about the life I led at that time.  I will always try to tie it into a lesson that can be learned from that very real situation, and hope it will make a difference in at least one girls life.

 After some years of abuse, I began keeping a journal.  To be completely and openly honest about why I did, there were two main reasons.  I felt I had no one to tell about my situation and if I did, what could they do anyway? Writing it out may be what kept me somewhat sane.  I also wanted there to be a tangible record of what had happened behind closed doors if in fact, I didn’t make it out alive.  I plan on bringing you pages from that journal to try and get the abuse out in the open for others in the same or similar situation, where in the light of day, the shame can wither away and die, leaving room for things like joy, happiness and honesty.

My next blog post will be about my very first entry in my “abuse journal”. Until then, happy tidings to you all!

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