Someone told me that if I’m going to do this, I must do a blog every time I post on my site, and I should keep it fresh and contemporary, and relatable.  Of course, this person is spot on, I should engage with my audience every chance I can. The problem I had was there was so much to consider, such as what on earth is my subject going to be? How scientific should I be, do I need references to back up my opinions?  What should my writing style be?  Ahh so much to wonder about and dare I say it, fret over. 

The problem is, this is a fret free zone, here at my place. I invite you in so you can find peace and calmness in this chaotic world.  Karen, I had to tell myself, stop fretting and just do it.  You will find your niche.  So, I did.

The ability to grow.

Recently, I pulled up stakes where I was at and moved down the road a piece to be closer to my family. In the process of moving, I went through things that I had kept with me through all the many years, relationships and cross-country treks.  I tried to decide what was still important to me and what was just holding me back, of course I also discovered that even things I think are important really aren’t such as a tea pot given to me by my former grandmother in law who has long since passed from this earth. A wonderful kind woman, we should all have at least one of in our lives. Sure, it’s a nice remembrance, but in the move, it was damaged, so I let it go.  I had used it as a prop in several paintings, so it will still live on in that way, but the physical item is gone.  Letting it go was bittersweet and the decision was ultimately made for me by some other power, but once the tea pot was gone, there was a slice of calmness in its place.  Through this act, I was able to look at myself and ponder why I hold onto things with a new perspective. Things do hold memories; we can touch an object and remember the feeling or emotion it evoked at one time. We can remember the person who touched our heart with the object, if indeed that has happened.  But…as in my case, I remember that person without having the actual object near me.  I remember her in things that happen in life, every day.

Metaphorically we can also cleans away things from our minds that are holding us back and causing pain. We might not be able to see it until something happens to change our perspective, such as the damaged tea pot in my move.  As an example, we might be going along as usual, ho hum every day doing our part, trying to survive when suddenly a loved one will say to us, “you don’t really care about me any more do you”?  A flood of emotions will come over us, first we will be shocked at the statement, then our defenses will surge up and we will be angry at this person. We will probably lash out because of course they have it all wrong, and that statement hurt. In the end hopefully we can look at ourselves from this person’s perspective and try to understand where they are coming from and make a change for the better.  Because we tend to get complacent in life and forget about showing we care, it may have been helpful of this loved one to point out how they felt, because through their act, we are able to look at ourselves and grow.

Of course, I am not talking about anyone in particular here, this could be anyone, in any type of relationship. Every situation is unique to the relationships involved. This is a seed I am trying to plant to get you to look at things that might bother you or that you don’t understand about yourself from a new perspective. To grow. Because that is the direction examining your actions will take you, to grow as a human.

There will not always be peace in our hearts and minds, which in turn effects our bodies. We should be able to get to that place of peace by working through the things that are holding us back. Sometimes it’s life’s events that cause the problem, sometimes life is not fair, not fair at all, but the human spirit is strong, and it will persevere when the mind has had enough.  We are not just our body, we are not just our mind, we are not just our spirit.  We are all three and they all work together. 

How do we find peace so that we can begin to grow?  We must be willing to look inside ourselves, examine the things we do and why we do them.  Listen. Listen to that still small voice.  You may not understand it, but it is your very own subconscious.  When you hear it, don’t dismiss it. Listen.  Listen some more.  Think about what it is saying.  If it’s saying your life is too cluttered, clear some of the clutter.  If it’s saying you are not appreciated at work, go out and look for something better.  If it’s saying you don’t get enough exercise, take a walk.

For me, declutter and organize calmed down my anxious soul, it brought me some peace.  I learned from that and grew as a person.  What will it be for you? 

My Peaceful Place
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